We create custom bots for Telegram and Facebook

To open a contact in the usual messenger and in a few seconds to place an order for a product or service is not only convenient, but also pleasant.
No annoying windows on sites, no spam in your inbox! People appreciate the brand for it and come back for repeated purchases.

How can chat-bot help?

Take orders

Chat bots in automatic mode can receive orders from users and start order preparation processes, notifications of sellers, etc.


Chat bots can provide answers to frequently asked questions by trying to understand what the user specifically wanted to know.

Service requests

Chat bots can receive requests from users to perform various actions - receiving information, ordering a call, correspondence, a question, etc.

Service Quality Assessment

A simple chat bot can ask a few questions to the user and find out how good or poor the service has been.

"With us you get not just an interesting chat bot for Telegram, but a solution to a specific business problem that can significantly improve the position of your business."

What will a chat-bot give to your business?

24x7 service

24x7 service

Automated sales tunnels of any complexity that replace 24/7 sellers

Sales system

Sales system

Rapid implementation of sales scripts and techniques without whining without the need to train and monitor employees

Saving money

Saving money

Saving company funds for salary employees. The possibility of a partial reduction in sales staff

Fast feedback

Fast feedback

The most important button of modern business to get feedback and improve business "Client - Owner"

We are not just developing a program for you for Telegram or Facebook, we are preparing a solution that will help you to move effectively in your niche and gain a competitive advantage. We solve business problems, therefore we will engage a whole team of diverse specialists: developers, internet marketers, designers and copywriters to work on one project!

Chat-bot advantages

Bots are not spam. Clients themselves start a dialogue
Chat bot does not steal the data of your customers and companies
They work well even with slow internet
Boat automatically collects all information about the order and your client
Bot can receive up to 500 messages per second
Bot can be upgraded very quickly

Thus, a chat bot helps businesses create a stream of customers, build loyalty, build trust and stimulate sales, including repeat ones.

Doubt that chat bot can help?

Do not torment yourself with doubts and do not waste time in vain - call now to get a free consultation on your question and a preliminary assessment of the chances for its successful resolution!

The cost of developing chat-bots


  • A bot that can perform simple actions is to provide information, respond to a list of pre-determined questions.
  • One messenger
  • Up to 20 chatbot operations
  • Texts, photos, videos, geo maps
  • Sending documents
  • Reception of application forms
350 USD


  • A bot that can perform complex actions, including trying to understand what they want from him and fulfill service requests.
  • Three messengers
  • Up to 50 chatbot actions
  • Texts, photos, videos, geo maps
  • 15 requests + bot training
  • Operator connection
540 USD


  • Bot, communication with which will allow users to solve the maximum number of questions without contacting the company.
  • Three messengers
  • Up to 100 chatbot actions
  • Texts, photos, videos, geo maps
  • Up to 100 requests + training bot
  • CRM Integration
1250 USD